ASPS Preparation

Any pages including your whole web site can be mirrored using ASPS Protected Hosting, but that is pointless unless you restrict access via normal means otherwise it won't be protected at all.

How to Prepare Web Pages for ASPS Protected Hosting

First you will need an ASPS Protected Hosting account and then you can nominate the site links to include in indexes displayed to your subscribers. But for this evaluation no login is required. Nor do you need an ASPS Demo account because this site's demo is already locked to this site.

Once you have the means of delivering your site/links via ASPS Protected Hosting, then you need to prevent direct access to those links by allowing access to them from the ASPS server only. To do that you can use the ASPS Check Referrer plugin.

Remove Menu Links to Protected Pages

Unless you are delivering the whole site via ASPS Protected Hosting then you need to remove any links in your Drupal menus that point to any of your protected pages. In the standard Drupal install you have that option when editing aa page.

Remove Login Requirements on Protected Pages

Now that your protected pages will only be accessed via ASPS Protected Hosting, you need to remove any Drupal login requirement applied to those pages because the ASPS Protected Hosting will manage all aspects of your subscribers' access and the protection settings applied to those pages.

The reason for removing your Drupal login requirement is because any login managed by your web site will no longer apply to the new session created by the ASPS Web browser while using pages delivered by the ASPS server. If not removed errors may occur.

Optimize Your Website Links

Some links may need preserving so any links that appear in your pages or menus that you do not want converted to use ASPS Protected Hosting need to be declared for exemption. There are two (2) methods that can be used to declare links to preserve them as is.

  • Links in pages can be manually edited to include "rel=nochange" for example:
    <a href="page.php" rel="nochange">My Link</a>
  • Links in menus and pages can be excluded by nominating their keyword in the ASPS Control Panel provided with your ASPS Protected Hosting account. For example your list of keywords might include "asps, comments, feed, login" as it does for this web. Consequently any links containing those keywords are excluded from link conversion so that they remain as is and thus not part of your protected web.

For the complete user-guide see the ASPS Protected Hosting Guide.