ASPS Launch Button

The ASPS Launch Button provides a means to start the ASPS Web Browser from web pages displayed in normal web browsers. It can be used on any Drupal web page.

The ASPS Launch Button checks to see if ASPS Web browser is in fact installed if not detected then it will provide the download link for it with instructions to install it. Otherwise, if the ASPS Browser is installed it will then display a button to click to run the ASPS Web Browser.

You may need to right-click
and select "RUN this plug-in"

Being able to start the ASPS Web browser from a normal browser enables users to access ASPS protected webs as and when necessary while surfing using a normal web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. The launch button was originally designed for use with the earlier version of the ASPS Web browser which only catered for ASPS web pages. The new version of the ASPS Web browser can explore all types of web pages so it can venture to protected pages at any time.

The ASPS Launch Button is not demonstrated here because this site is dedicated to content that can be mirrored by ASPS Web Hosting, and from that protected content you may see the launch button if needed.

Click for more info and download for the ASPS Launch Button.

Click for How to Prepare Web Pages for ASPS Protected Hosting.

For the complete user-guide see the ASPS Protected Hosting Guide.