ASPS Check Referrer

The ASPS Check Referrer module is provided for use by Drupal sites to restrict access by direct means to any pages selected for delivery via ASPS Protected Hosting. It is a free add-on and installs just like any other Drupal plugin. It can be used to only allow access from ASPS servers or your corporate network, or it can be used generally to prevent access from data-miners and other nuisance downloaders. For example:

  • This web page can be accessible from anywhere.
  • But this web page can only be accessible via ASPS Protected Hosting.
  • Or the page can be accessible via both public and ASPS access.

Click for info and downloads for the ASPS Check Referrer Module

Click for How to Prepare Web Pages for ASPS Protected Hosting.

For the complete user-guide see the ASPS Protected Hosting Guide.